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Together we Believe, Progress, Succeed

Foundation 2 2021 - 2022

Mrs Gray

Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Goodchild

Miss Cook

Spring 2022

Happy New Year!

Wow, what a great term it has been for our F2 family. Now, we will build on our learning to consider our next F2 big question for this term...

What Do I Need To Care For?

Our Spring weekly timetable is below in the 'Download Files'.

PE sessions are still Monday (active afternoons outside), Wednesday (Yoga) and Thursday (Gymnastics/Dance in the hall), library will be Tuesdays with Mrs Goodchild and Forest School will be Friday afternoons.


We have created a short presentation of how we approach teaching and learning in our class in the 'Download Files' section below. It explains to you how we approach reading, phonics, maths and other areas of the curriculum. We hope you find it useful. More information about how we teach phonics is here. Our F2 Curriculum map for the year can be found here and our Spring Term curriculum can be found here. 

Supporting learning (and playing) at home.

We are always keen for children to extend their thinking and learning at home - as long as it is made fun. Reading is a key skill to develop in F2 and there are some top tips in this short film (click here).

We will send home a keyring with the graphemes we have learnt in school. You can practise these with your child - play hide and seek with the cards, turn and say, find the rhyme in the Jolly Phonic song video below. 

There will be a maths challenge to explore at home each week. The talk around these challenges will really help your child to develop their mathematical language and thinking.

We will also send home some letter formation practice with some ideas of how to encourage your child's mark making.

If your child is needing to isolate during the Spring term....

Phonics and Reading 

w/b 5.1.22 Revise the phonics that have been taught (up to sh, ch, th, ng).

w/b 10.1.22 Learn /ai/such as rain    /ee/such as keep     /igh/such as night

w/b 17.1.22 Learn /oa/such as goat  long /oo/such as boot  short /oo/such as look

w/b 24.1.22 Revise /ai/ /ee/ /igh/ /oa/ long and short /oo/

w/b 31.1.22 Learn /ar/such as park   /or/such as fork   /ur/such as curl /ow/such as down     /oi/such as boil

w/b 7.2.22 Revise /ar/ /or/ /ur/ /ow/ /oi/

Using Teach Your Monster To Read and Bug Club reading books should be a support. Dojo us for your child's username and password for Bug Club.


Use the White Rose Maths home learning videos.

w/b 5.1.22 Week 1 Alive In Five 

w/b 10.1.22 Week 2 Alive In Five

w/b 17.1.22 Week 3 Alive in Five

w/b 24.1.22 Week 1 Growing 6, 7, 8

w/b 31.1.22 Week 2 Growing 6, 7, 8

w/b 7.2.22 Week 3 Growing 6, 7, 8

Some other good websites for F2 exploring and learning...

Teach Your Monster To Read is a great resource to support those literacy skills

Monteray Bay Aquarium Live webcams of all sorts of animals including otters, jellyfish and the coral reef.

Nature School Some lovely activities - you will recognise some that you have completed already.

RSPB Also offers some lovely nature related activities.

Learning Through Landscapes Even more outdoors activities! Let's hope for good weather.

Whiterose Maths continue to keep maths ideas flowing based around a book. You can usually find someone reading the book online if you search around.

Most of you have accessed Oxford Reading Owl which has a free library. Aim for Phase 2 or 3 books from Letters and Sounds in the pulldown menu.

Starfall is a new website I found recently. Although American it has some good resources matching UK curriculum.

Most of you have found Mr Mc  for phonics videos. Love him or hate him, we can only applaud his efforts of keeping phonic teaching going through lockdown.

Phonics Play are giving free access to their games - Phase 2 and 3 are where you should aim for. 

Phonics Bloom as above.

Ace Early Years have lots of ideas for English, maths, outdoors and funky finger type activities.

Don't forget the Oak National Academy offers structured lessons on video for English, Maths and across the curriculum (Foundation) activies.

You can also look out for virtual days at Chester Zoo, Longleat Safari Park and I might have seen Knowsley too.

Some good websites for keeping active and fit...

Cosmic Kids Yoga  5 - 20 minute workouts.

Andy’s Wild Workouts 

Just Dance clips e.g. Gummy Bear 

Go Noodle e.g.  Dinosaur Stomp

Just For Fun Supermovers 


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