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Together we Believe, Progress, Succeed

Growth Mindset


We have started our journey of developing a culture of  “Growth Mindset”. Growth Mindset is about about learning to persevere when learning gets tough and understanding that intelligence is not fixed and can be changed through practice and hard work. It is also about understanding that through mistakes some of the best brain growth occurs. The video below explains the concept further.


Key concepts of Growth Mindset at Brookdale Primary School


  • We remember it’s always OK to make mistakes – we learn from them.
  • We never give up! We try a different approach, or use a different strategy.
  • We learn from each other – children often make the best teachers!
  • We don’t compare ourselves with others, but we do learn from others.
  • We challenge ourselves – which really helps us make progress.
  • We take risks – we don’t limit ourselves by taking the easy option.
  • We join in as much as possible – and we learn much more by being involved.
  • We remember that mastering something new feels so much better than doing something you can already do.
  • We remember that the brain is making new connections all the time – the only thing you need to know is that you can learn anything!

Useful Resources

Download the resources below to help us foster a sense of Growth Mindset in your child.

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