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Together we Believe, Progress, Succeed

School Council

Our school council are voted in by their fellow pupils. They act as representatives for each of the year groups. They meet with Mrs Knapton and Mrs Kenny to discuss a range of issues within school.  We currently have 11 children on our school council representing children in KS1 and KS2.


What our school councilors say:


"The reason I wanted to be a school councilor is to make our school better and make decisions, plus it's fun".


"I wanted to be on school council because I always wanted to support children and children abroad.  I also want to help loads of people and explain things and share my personal thoughts".


"I wanted to become a school councilor because I want to help get better things for our school like classroom equipment and playground equipment.  i also wanted to help choose the charity's for school to sponsor".


"I wanted to be a school councilor because if I'm walking about at the shops with my uniform on, behaving well people would say "They are from Brookdale Primary, that looks a good school".


"School council doesn't just help our school, it helps children who need it.  My goal is to help others who need it".




What we are working on...


Each year the school council chooses important issues to campaign about as part of the school's charity work.


This year the school council looked at children's rights.  We found out that there are 8 fundamental rights of every child:  Right to life

                                   Right to education

                                   Right to food

                                   Right to health

                                   Right to water

                                   Right to identity

                                   Right to freedom

                                   Right to protection


Out of the 8 rights of every child we have chosen 2 to campaign about this year: The Right to Education and The Right to Water.



 "We just turn on a tap and we get water. I think everybody deserves clean water".

"Education for children everywhere is crucial because they need to learn to read and write so they can live a happy life."

"Children need to go to school so they can make dreams happen".



We are supporting "Send My friend to School" and "Wash" campaigns.

Any money we raise will go to "Save the Children" and "Wateraid".

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