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School Development Priorities 2020-2021

School Development Priorities 2020-2021

As a school we are always looking to further improve the school to benefit all the pupils. As part of this process an evaluation of the impact of the previous academic year’s priorities is undertaken by school staff and the governing body. The impact upon outcomes and improvement is discussed and agreed, alongside an evaluation of the school’s achievement of the success criteria. School self-evaluation against the Ofsted school evaluation schedule is undertaken by leaders to identify further priorities. An analysis of outcomes (progress, attainment & quality of teaching and learning) is undertaken by the Senior Leadership Team and findings shared with staff and governors to inform future improvement priorities.

This process is well embedded into our leadership & management practice and ensures that the improvement plans are well focused and well resourced.  As part of the school’s monitoring cycle a review of the school’s progress of implementing the agreed actions is undertaken by the Senior Leadership Team at the end of each term. Review outcomes are shared with the Governing Body.

As a result of this work I can share with you that our school priorities for the academic year 2020-2021 are as follows.

There are three overarching priorities for 2020-21:


  1. To use the highly effective school assessment systems to identify progress in gaps identified after lockdown for all pupils.


This process will ensure that all children have the best possible chance to catch up on any lost learning due to the lockdown period. It will also focus on re-establishing high levels of behaviour for learning and focus on pupil well-being. In addition, this priority will provide a clear strategy for spending the catch-up funding money including providing additional tutoring for children where required.


  1. To Implement the Voice 21 Oracy programme across the whole school demonstrating pupil staring points and progression.


We are excited to have signed up to the Voice 21 programme. The programme focusses on developing a high level of oracy amongst pupils. Working through this programme will equip the pupils to develop their oracy skills in four specific areas – cognitive, linguistic, physical and social and emotional. Children with high levels of oracy will be have increased confidence, improved academic outcomes and be equipped to thrive in life beyond school including in the workplace.


  1. To embed and refine high quality teaching practices that lead to children obtaining and retaining knowledge across the curriculum leading to progress for all groups of children.


This priority builds upon the huge amount of work we have done in developing our school curriculum. Teachers will be refining their teaching practice to help improve knowledge retention for children. This will include the use of knowledge organisers and drawing learning together from all subjects to help children answer their Big Questions each term.


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